Wolf’s Clothing: A Bitcoin Start-up Focused On The Lightning Network

The parent company of NYDIG, Stone Ridge Holdings Group, has introduced Wolf’s Clothing, a Bitcoin start-up located in New York City (NYC) focused on the Lightning Network.

For eight weeks at a period, Wolf hopes to attract entrepreneurs and startups from all over the globe to New York City. They can concentrate on the creation, expansion, and financing of businesses based on Lightning. 

Nevertheless, all candidates are welcome to apply, and the program will accept businesses that are based on Lightning and Taro and cover a wide range of subjects.

CEO of Wolf’s Clothing, Kelly Brewster, said:

We are launching Wolf to empower the best founders and teams from around the world to build that future. If you have an idea, a proof-of-concept, or an early-stage business that touches Lightning, Wolf can help you build and scale.

For selected applicants, Wolf will arrange lodging and transportation from any location in the world. In addition, they will also get a guaranteed investment of $250,000, with the exception of one cohort winner. The one cohort winner will receive $750,000.

Furthermore, CEO Brewster added that the Lightning Network has reached critical mass during the past year. They anticipate that its expansion will continue to speed up from here. The future of decentralized finance will be shaped by the innovation and progress that this expansion is ushering in.

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Additionally, those that are chosen will get the chance to work with Wolf’s full-time in-house advisors, who are authorities on a variety of subjects. Which includes Bitcoin, Lightning, and Taro, as well as marketing, cryptography, and more.

Founder and Executive Chairman of Wolf, Ross Stevens said:

Every once in a while, a technology breakthrough comes along and changes everything. That’s Taro. The progress in Lightning this year has been staggering, and the introduction of Taro is going to serve as a further accelerant for innovation and progress in Bitcoin.

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