Why Cryptocurrency Is Gaining Popularity Among Mainstream Investors

Despite their lack of knowledge of digital assets, more people are becoming interested in investing in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. 

According to the results of a recent poll by consumer insights firm Toluna, 57% of respondents claimed to be aware of cryptocurrencies, making them the second most well-known investment category behind equities.

As per answers from 10,500 persons between the ages of 18 and 64 from four regions and 19 markets, 60% of respondents claimed they did not comprehend cryptocurrencies despite being well known.

Nevertheless, 42% of those who participate in the cryptocurrency market want to increase the percentage of their assets they hold in cryptocurrencies over the course of the next six months. 

Despite the ongoing volatility in the cryptocurrency market, 81% of respondents said they planned to maintain or increase the percentage of their assets invested in cryptocurrency over the next six months.

People who haven’t made any cryptocurrency investments claim that they don’t comprehend them well enough (32%) and that they aren’t secure enough (28%).

Despite the appeal of potential short- and long-term rewards, nearly half of respondents worldwide (42%) thought investing in cryptocurrency is dangerous.

Cryptocurrency Optimism Is Higher In Emerging Markets.

People in emerging markets continue to express more positive attitudes toward cryptocurrency than respondents in established markets. However, in wealthy countries, attitudes toward cryptocurrencies are viewed with more significant skepticism.

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People choose to invest in cryptocurrencies for a variety of reasons, such as the potential for long-term steady growth (36%), short-term fast growth (35%), diversification (30%), use as a form of payment for online transactions (25%), escape from government control (11%), hedge against conventional asset collapses (16%), and general FOMO (15%).

The popular perception of cryptocurrencies is still optimistic, and many potential investors are enthusiastic about switching to them; this is especially true in growing economies in Asia and Latin America.

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