Voyager Creditors Demand SBF’s Remote Appearance In Court

Voyager creditors want SBF and the top FTX/Alameda executives to appear in court remotely. They also requested documents and a remote deposition from these essential individuals. The creditors are from Voyager’s unsecured creditors’ representatives.

According to a document filed in a US bankruptcy court on February 18th, Bankman-Fried has received a legal order. Additionally, They will present the testimony given at a deposition; a legal declaration called a “subpoena” to testify in a bankruptcy case.

The Official Committee of Voyager Digital Holdings has asked Bankman-Fried to appear in a video conference on Feb. 23. Moreover, He will have to answer about the company’s bankruptcy case. They have also asked him to provide all the documents and communications requested by Feb. 20.

In a court filing on Feb. 6, Voyager’s lawyers ordered Bankman-Fried, Alameda CEO Caroline Ellison, FTX co-founder Gary Wang, and FTX’s head of product Ramnic Arora to provide information. All of them had to give the information by Feb. 17th.

 Moreover, Judge John Dorsey allowed FTX debtors to issue subpoenas to collect information and documents.  So, they collected information Bankman-Fried’s family members and ex-colleagues under bankruptcy court rules. On Feb. 16, the court disclosed that Bankman-Fried might lose his bail because Judge Lewis Kaplan believed he may have tried to tamper with a witness.

According to court documents filed on Feb. 3, a company owned by Bankman-Fried called Emergent Fidelity Technologies has filed for bankruptcy protection. The company has asked the court to help protect it from its creditors while reorganizing its finances and operations.

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