UST Stablecoin And Fraud Alleged In TFL Class Action Lawsuit

Terraform Labs’ class action lawsuit was voluntarily dismissed by Albright Capital. The UST stablecoin was a vital topic of the complaint, which also claimed that TFL had engaged in fraud.

Additionally, an investing firm’s court lawsuit was dropped, which brought Terraform Labs some little solace. According to a legal document released on Jan. 9, the business representing Albright Capital voluntarily dismissed the action. According to the lawsuit, Terraform Labs was accused of fraud.

As per, TFL was facing several lawsuits in addition to the class action. Although it does not significantly relieve the company’s burden, TFL will nevertheless be pleased.

According to the lawsuit, TFL pushed the Terra (LUNA) crypto, the stablecoin UST, and other connected ones unethically. According to the report, Kwon and other officials were accused of stealing money from the Terra environment.

Moreover, Terra’s collapse in May 2022 caused market upheaval, bankrupting multiple companies and leading to ongoing lawsuits for TFL.

Regarding UST Stablecoin, Albright Capital Raised Concerns

Albright Capital filed suit against Terraform Labs, accusing them of promoting UST stablecoin as a Ponzi scheme. The case included defendants Luna Foundation Guard, Delphi Digital, Jump Trading, Nicholas Plates, Jose Macedo, Kanav Kariya, and Remi Teton.

Three Arrows Capital Co-founder Zhu Su criticizes lack of coverage on dismissal of class action lawsuit against Luna foundation and its investors.

In addition, TFL has also commented on the situation, saying BeInCrypto that it was again another triumph for Terraform Labs. They think the evidence favors them and that it will only get better.

According to South Korean authorities froze $90 million in assets of Terraform Labs affiliates. Reports suggest an inquiry into Sam Bankman-Fried’s role in Terra’s collapse Terra saga continues with new developments.

TFL Co-founder Do Kwon is believed to be in Serbia, and his passport has been invalidated by South Korean authorities, impeding his movement.

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Furthermore, kwon has refuted attempts to conceal. He contends that Interpol’s red alert is not an arrest warrant, but he is nonetheless on the organization’s watch list. Recently, he suggested involving the FBI in the investigation of a situation where TFL unintentionally sent a member of the community $1.5 million in LUNA.

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