Twitter Seems To Introduce Its Own Cryptocurrency Called “Twitter Coin”

Twitter recently released code containing images of “Twitter Coin” and a “coin” payment category, suggesting that Twitter may launch its own cryptocurrency soon.

Tech blogger Jane Manchun Wong suggests that Twitter may soon be introducing its own cryptocurrency. One now-deleted tweet still available on google’s cache shows a coin bearing the Twitter logo with the filename “IconTwitterCoin.svg.”

As the code is integrated into Twitter’s newly-updated web application, Wong indicated that there are no apparent meanings behind twitter tips or Twitter coins, with nothing indicating any connection to Dogecoin (DOGE).

Rumors abound that Dogecoin will soon integrate with Twitter after Elon Musk’s recent purchase of the social media platform. The Dogecoin CEO himself tweeted his thoughts about the coin becoming the internet’s native currency.

Although there is no proof that Dogecoin would truly be included in Twitter, the coin dramatically surged early today before falling drastically afterward. Within minutes, the price rose by 6.45% from $0.1039 to a high of $0.1106 before dropping to $0.1062 again.

Twitter hasn’t rolled out the tipping feature yet, and we may not know anything more about it until its release. The Twitter Coin is allegedly still in development, but there are some who believe it will never come to fruition.

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Wong’s Twitter account is no longer active. She opted to cancel her account on her own, according to a message she made on Macaw, an open-source Twitter alternative powered by Mastodon. She stated:

“Since the takeover, I’ve been getting an increased amount of casual racism and sexual harassments on the bird site.”

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