The New York Times Under Fire For Favorable Portrayal Of FTX Co-Founder SBF

The New York Times has repeatedly drawn criticism for portraying FTX co-founder SBF favourably in its most recent article.

SBF, the former CEO of FTX, is a good guy in the Bahamas, according to the Rob Copeland article. The former head was detained earlier this month in the Bahamas on suspicion of fraud and other offences.

The article also includes testimonies from Bahamians who say SBF has a lovely heart. The piece also emphasises how his behaviour was not violent in the same sense as some areas of the island, despite its white-collar background.

The Industry Highlights NYT And SBF

GRIT’s CEO, Genevieve Roch-Decter, promoted the release on Twitter.

The New York Times is STILL trying to paint Sam Bankman-Fried in a positive light

The CEO of Cryptology Asset Group, Patrick Lowry, referred to NYT’s decision to publish the story as a paid shilling. In November, the journal also faced criticism for running an interview that detailed SBF’s theory on the collapse, and the business brushed it off as a fluff piece.

The NYT is a paid shill of @SBF_FTX. They’ve proven they cannot be trusted as an objective news source for anything ever again

Former Kraken CEO Jesse Powell claims the NYT has minimised the crash. He swore that the media’s assistance and the continued hype stories caused the victims to be overly loyal to their funds.

Justice Chou of Kraken also discussed the publication’s disparate presentation of Powell’s and Brian Armstrong’s articles.

Concerned About FTX’s Political Support

The story may be too forgiving of the disgraced crypto tycoon. Other Twitter users expressed worry this time as well. It has come to light that the former CEO of FTX made large financial contributions to support American political parties.

Axios states that Bankman-Fried invested nearly $37 million in political campaigns, primarily endorsing Democrats in the most current election. Discussion in the sector over the support for SBF from several legislators.

NYT laughably trying to rehab SBF’s reputation because he gave a lot of stolen loot to their Approved Politicians.

Investors must now wait to restore their money ownership following FTX’s bankruptcy declaration. The value of SBF is currently believed to be close to nil while it is being prosecuted. SBF reportedly used his parents’ assets as collateral to earn a $250 million bail last week.

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In the meantime, media sources confirm that former FTX executives have also turned against SBF. Two top executives, Gary Wang and Caroline Ellison, recently pleaded guilty to various criminal charges. Additionally, their evidence holds SBF accountable for deliberately planning financial crimes and squandering customer monies.

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