Synonym Launches Portable Bitkit Wallet For Apple And Android

As per a press statement given to Bitcoin Magazine, Synonym, a provider of services for Bitcoin and the Lightning Network, has launched the Bitkit Wallet, a portable bitcoin wallet for both Apple and Android devices.

The wallet uses free software and Bitcoin encryption to let users save not only BTC but also their personal data.

Additionally, numerous features, including portable social profiles, dynamic pay contacts, interoperable data streams, and password-free web accounts, are included in the wallet.

The wallet also creates keys for Slashtags, a recently created web protocol by the company, using Bitcoin cryptographic seeds.

Users can regulate their data with the help of slashtags. The protocol doesn’t need a blockchain and has features like uncensorable social profiles, contacts that are updated automatically, contact payment preferences, passwordless authentication, and more.

CSO of Synonym, Paolo Ardoino said:

Bitkit isn’t a typical Bitcoin app. The Synonym team have managed to take wallets to the next level with a beautiful design and innovative useful new features that will help ensure hyperbitcoinizaion.

Moreover, the open-source and modular Slashtags protocol makes the ecosystem readily available to developers. The company even released a software development kit that acts as a sandbox or “Playground” for programmers to model different Slashtag use cases.

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According to John Carvalho, CEO of Synonym, they saw the need to develop open alternatives that enable ordinary people to revive the internet and the economy as more and more individuals lose control of their data to big tech corporations and their assets to big banks and organizations.

In addition, the company unveiled two new initiatives live on stage at the most recent PlanB Forum. Pear, a tokenized system of credit for goods, services, and assets, and Blocktank Instant. With the aid of Blocktank, wallet providers and exchanges can quickly enroll customers in the Lightning Network.

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