Solana Announces Plans To Improve Network Upgrade After Slowdown

Solana, a blockchain network, experienced a noticeable slowdown in block production after its most recent 1.14 network update on Feb. 25, leaving users frustrated. In response to transaction disruptions, validators quickly downgraded the software to improve performance.

However, on Feb. 28, Anatoly Yakovenko, the founder and CEO of Solana Labs, released another statement on the ecosystem’s plans to improve its recent network upgrades. The report revealed a six-step plan for engineers to help streamline the process and improve stability as the network transitions.

The plan includes forming an opposing team comprising one-third of the Solana engineering team to build additional hooks and instrumentation into the validator code and target exploits throughout the underlying protocols. Additionally, it laid out ways to focus on creating network-wide stability, including a second validator client built by Jump Crypto’s fire dancer team and Mango DAO developers.

Investigation of Initial Outage Still Ongoing

Yakovenko recently stated that they are still investigating what happened in the initial outage. On Feb. 28, he clarified that on-chain voting was not the cause of the slowdown.

Some users called the system a “transaction killer” in response to the outage, but the community had a mixed reaction to Yakovenko’s improvement roadmap, with some saying the news was “great to hear,” while others still questioned Solana’s integrity.

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Looking ahead, the Solana ecosystem call is planned for Mar. 2, 2023, in which it intends to discuss the state of the ecosystem, among other issues. Later in the month, on Mar. 27, Helium Network’s communications protocol plans to migrate to the Solana blockchain to deploy oracles.

In conclusion, Solana has taken a proactive approach to address the recent network issues, announcing plans to improve the network upgrade and increase stability. Forming an opposing team and adding a second validator client are significant steps toward improving the network’s overall performance. The ongoing investigation into the initial outage shows the team’s commitment to transparency and accountability.

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