SHIB Metaverse Takes Over SXSW: Shiba Inu Parties In Style At Premiere

The debut of “SHIB The Metaverse” at SXSW has been highly anticipated, and today’s unveiling has left the SHIB community impressed after a long wait.

Shiba Inu’s official Twitter account announced that a party would be held to celebrate the arrival of the metaverse at SXSW.

Collaborative organizers hold the SXSW, or South By, an annual gathering of parallel festivals and conferences for film, interactive media, and music in Austin, Texas, every March. They have scheduled this year’s event from Mar 12-14.

Additionally, the group announced they would reveal the stunning WAGMI Temple Hub and feature Shiba Inu among the XR Experience spotlights.

“SHIB The Metaverse” Premieres At SXSW With Party Celebration

“SHIB The Metaverse” debuts at SXSW with the party, celebrated by Shiba Inu tweets, introducing metaverse to the audience.

Shiba Inu society and departure lounge will host a metaverse happy hour event on Mar 11, 5:30-7:30 p.m. CST, to conclude press day and launch the SXSW Interactive track.

Visitors to the XR Exhibition can directly experience the immersive music video experiences “The Dark VR” and “Shib the Metaverse.”

Marcie Jastrow, advisor for SHIB metaverse, will discuss creative & technical aspects of metaverse experiences in the “READY, SET, METAVERSE” panel. Using modern technology, Jastrow will delve into producing metaverse experiences in the upcoming panel discussion.

However, the hosts of the panel would include The Metaverse and its partner, The Third Floor, along with Marcie Jastrow. SHIB’s metaverse appearance at a significant event will differ from Marcie Jastrow’s representation at Immerse Global Summit in Miami, Florida. Jastrow had represented SHIB in December. The event saw attendees from companies like Facebook’s Meta, Microsoft, Web3Equity, and TerraZero.

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During the beginning of Jan and middle of Feb in 2023, the value of Shiba Inu experienced a significant surge before eventually dropping. SHIB’s price dropped 3% in a month due to the market downturn caused by Silvergate on Friday. Additionally, the market is trading SHIB at a value of $0.00001134, experiencing a daily decrease of 5.57% per market capitalization.

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