SHIB Army Impatient As Shiba Inu Teases Layer-2 Launch

Shiba Inu’s imminent release of its layer-2 solution has hooked the community, but the SHIB army is becoming antsy as a precise launch date has not been revealed yet.

Shytoshi Kusama, the project’s principal developer, seemed a little overwhelmed recently when pressed for another release date indication.

He expressed his frustration in the “All Things Shibarium” Telegram group, stating that the root of the issue is the “lack of empathy,” and he is pushing as fast as possible.

However, he claims that the SHIB army’s constant harassment impedes the launch. The behavior delays the launch, and he says it is one of the issues that tire him.

Kusama was asked about further delays, with 2024 being suggested as the new launch year. He responded that since he didn’t initially set a specific date for the debut, it could be completed on time.

The top developer tantalized members with the cryptic message “things come way before May” earlier this week, sparking launch rumors. Furthermore, he claimed that the launch might happen sooner than they had anticipated.

Before that, the anonymous project lead announced that Shibarium was ready and the community would receive the beta.

Speculation that the Layer 2 scaling protocol would go live on Valentine’s Day caused Shiba Inu’s price to fall over 20% last week.

Shibarium Telegram Channel Locked By SHIB Project Lead

Kusama reassured the members that the lack of excitement was only temporary, acknowledging their complaints. However, he couldn’t provide any specific details regarding the release.

The Shiba Inu developer denied the rumor that the scaling protocol would launch on Valentine’s Day. The developer had hinted at it previously with a suggestion that it would come in a “heart-shaped box. ” This debunking occurred afterward.

Kusama has shut down Shibarium’s telegram channel. If the group makes all papers public, we will reopen the group and restrict postings to official communications only.

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Even so, there have already been several delays in the implementation. The organizers initially slated it for 2022’s third quarter but later postponed it to 2022’s fourth quarter and then to early 2023.

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