Riot’s Impressive Jan 2023 Bitcoin Production, Record 740 BTC

Riot, a leading industry player, announced impressive Jan 2023 production updates. Self-mining rose 62% to a record 740 Bitcoin, up from 458 Bitcoin in Jan 2022.

Jason Les, CEO of Riot, showed immense pride in the company’s continual monthly Bitcoin production increase, reaching a new peak of 740 in January. Les acknowledged the winter storm damage and its effect on the fleet and hash rate capacity.

Despite winter weather’s impact on fleet and hash rate, Riot sold 700 BTC and earned a $13.7 million net gain. On Jan 31st, Riot possessed 6,978 BTC with a miner deployment of 82,656 and a 9.3 exahash per second capacity.

Riot acquired 5,130 new S19-series miners in Jan and deployed 6,912, with a further 1,152 waiting for deployment.

After deployment, Riot’s miner count will reach 83,808, with 17,040 temporarily offline due to building damage. The firm is exploring options for hash rate growth at the Corsicana facility.

Building D of Riot’s air-cooled facilities has been completed, and miners deployed, while Building E is still under construction and engineering.

Furthermore, Winter storm damage to Buildings F and G may slow Riot’s planned hash rate growth, but repairs are in progress. Timelines for deployment updates will be communicated as they become accessible.

Jason Les, the CEO of Riot, said that the Target of 12.5 EH/s total hash rate capacity in Q1 2023 was delayed due to damage. Updates to come as the impact on the deployment schedule becomes more explicit.

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Riot’s operations are secure with strong data center infrastructure, with Corsicana expansion for planned hash rate growth. Furthermore, Riot finished its miner purchase deal with Bitmain and is weighing options for more hash rate growth.

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