Revolutionizing Music Streaming With NFTs: Spotify’s Latest Breakthrough

Spotify, a service for listening to music online, is trying out a new feature called token-enabled playlists. People who own unique digital tokens (NFTs) can link their tickets to Spotify and listen to music playlists.

Only people who own tokens in the Fluf, Moonbirds, Kingship, and Overlord communities can use this service. We will change the playlists regularly during a three-month test period. And only community members can listen to them using a link or code.

The company Overlord, involved in Web3 gaming and media, posted on Twitter that people who have bought Creepz NFTs can link their Web3 digital wallet to Spotify. By doing this, they can listen to a playlist Invasion which has been created by members of the Creepz NFT project’s community.

Overlord recently posted on Twitter that the test version of their new service is only accessible to people using Android devices and living in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand. Hence, Spotify responded to this tweet, which suggests that the information shared by Overlord is correct.

From Universal Music Group’s NFT project, KINGSHIP created a playlist exclusively for NFT token holders, featuring famous artists like Queen, Missy Eliott, Snoop Dogg, and Led Zeppelin.

Access KINGSHIP’s NFT Playlist on Spotify During Pilot Testing with Developer’s Instructions

Apoorv Lathey, responsible for developing the technology that makes it easy to trade NFTs, posted a picture on Twitter. The picture showed instructions on how to find and listen to the playlist. KINGSHIP created this on Spotify during the pilot testing phase.

Additionally, according to the picture, NFT holders can use wallets like Metamask to access the playlist on Spotify. Spotify regularly tests to improve its user experience and sometimes makes beneficial changes while learning important information. Spotify has millions of users worldwide, and they tried to include NFTs in their service. 

In May 2022, they let some musicians, like Steve Aoki and The Wombat, show NFTs on their Spotify profiles. Some new music platforms use Web3 technology, and they want to make the experience of listening to music more open. Like, Audius for example, it connects with cryptocurrencies and lets people earn rewards using its app. 

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