Opera Crypto Browser Debuts Industry-First Web3 Wallet Selector

It seems that Opera took a leap forward when they announced their latest upgrade, “Wallet Selector,” to the Opera Crypto Browser on September 13th. With the release of this newest feature, it’s become much easier for users to navigate through decentralized applications and find whichever wallet they need. It was just one small step in Opera’s goal of being Web3 ready before Ethereum merged.

However, the creation of the world’s first Crypto Browser, according to Susie Batt, Crypto Ecosystem Lead at Opera, is a culmination of their goals to offer the technologies that permit free access to Web3. In addition to providing a portal into Web3, they also simplified several basic tasks that are common in the crypto environment that may have previously confused the average web user more accessible.

The Opera’s Wallet Selector A Brand-New Invention

According to the announcement post by the Opera Crypto Browser, the groundbreaking new Wallet Selector feature in the browser makes managing multiple wallets possible. Users may choose which wallet they wish to use when browsing a website or other dApp due to this market-leading innovation.

 They claimed in their post that:

“If you’re understandably tired of dealing with competing browser extensions, this update is for you! In an industry-first development, now you can choose your wallet directly in the browser address bar.”

In addition, beyond Opera Crypto Browser’s native wallet feature, Wallet Selector – offers hundreds of other wallets that are based on the standard EVM Web3 interface, like Metamask and TrustWallet. Moreover, this update contains several security upgrades for users’ protection against hackers and phishing. For instance, users are prevented from visiting phishing sites that have been banned by the phishing detection function.

Nevertheless, the ability of the new Wallet Selector in the Opera Web Browser to make it simpler for users to move between different currencies without taking any risks is a game-changer for the whole web 3.0 ecosystem (to be able to trade coins without risking something).

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