Okcoin Announces Temporary Suspension Of U.S. Dollar Deposits And OTC Services

The sudden closure of Signature Bank led to concerns about the financial system’s stability in New York state. The banking industry made this decision to protect depositors and ensure their safety. As a result, Okcoin, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, immediately paused its U.S. dollar wire and ACH deposits.

Hong Fang, the CEO of Okcoin, tweeted that Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse did not affect the U.S. affiliate of OKX. However, regulatory intervention at Signature Bank forced Okcoin to suspend some of its services, including dollar deposits and USD-crypto trading pairs.

Fang assured users that all corporate and customer funds are safe despite the suspension, and the suspension does not affect USD withdrawals. The processing pace of USD withdrawals will depend on bank operations. In addition, The exchange’s crypto deposit and withdrawal functions, including those of U.S. dollar-pegged stablecoins, are still operational.

Okcoin is actively exploring alternative channels and solutions following the suspension of dollar deposits. However, it is essential to note that the suspension only affects dollar deposits, and other fiat deposit methods, such as euros, remain unaffected. The exchange is dedicated to ensuring the best service for its users.

Signature Bank’s Role In The Crypto Industry

Many crypto firms, including Coinbase, Celsius, and Paxos, had balances in Signature Bank, which was a significant partner for them. The crypto-friendly bank’s closure is a decisive blow to the industry, especially for those reliant on USD deposits and transactions. However, After the shutdown, U.S. federal regulators have assured that Signature Bank depositors will receive their total balances.

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Although suspending USD deposits and OTC services may cause inconvenience, Okcoin prioritizes security and transparency. The exchange is actively exploring alternative channels to ensure a seamless experience for its users. Although Signature Bank has closed, the crypto industry is expected to weather this storm as it has done in the past.

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