OKB Token Breaks Record, Supported By OKX Collective

The OKB token of the OKX platform sets a new all-time high of $45.54, spreading excitement in the cryptocurrency market. This record surpasses the previous one from May 3rd, 2021, demonstrating the growing popularity and success of OKB.

OKB, boasting $7.94 billion in assets and a 24-hour open interest of $4.01 billion, holds the second largest position in the market, trailing only Bitfinex and Binance. Impressive growth and a promising outlook have made OKB a rising force in cryptocurrency.

CoinMarketcap data reveals a 17.03% weekly and a 1.03% daily increase for the token. Additionally, the OKB token is currently trading at $44.40. It has demonstrated remarkable growth with a 65.7% increase in the past 30 days, as reported by CoinGecko. This makes it a hot commodity in the cryptocurrency market.

However, the recent price rise of the token can be attributed to the announcement by OKX, the world’s second-largest crypto exchange by trade volume, of its partnership with Manchester City Football Club, stars Jack Grealish and others to launch the OKX Collective, a metaverse experience exclusively for fans.

Additionally, the OKX Collective offers fans a unique virtual metaverse experience. They have access to Web3 technology, exclusive materials, experiences, and prizes from their favorite Manchester City players. Further, this creates a distinctive and memorable experience for fans. Additionally, the OKX Collective is a new and exciting way for fans to engage with Manchester City players and their team.

OKB Surges, Rising Force in Crypto

OKB Surges, Rising Force in CryptoThe impressive growth of OKB has made it a rising force in the cryptocurrency market due to its value skyrocketting by 99% and reaching a record high of $45.54 on February 5th. Success driven by upward trend since June 2022, sharp rise since December.

OKB’s price remains strong as its remarkable surge persists. The weekly Relative Strength Index (RSI) suggests sustained upward momentum without any bearish divergence, indicating overbought conditions.

OKB’s support levels at $37 and $30 sustain its upward trend. As long as the price stays above $30, the upward momentum is predicted to persist.

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The OKB’s next resistance is $50. Its impressive performance and outlook attract investors and traders, making it a digital asset to watch. It’s a near-future opportunity.

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