NFT Tech To Monetize Play-2-Earn Dashboard Cashdash Through Sherwa Platform

NFT Technologies Inc., a leading technology company, started monetizing its Play-2-Earn (P2E) dashboard Cashdash through Sherwa, a connecting players platform, according to the company’s press release published on October 13th.

Sherwa has more than 1 million downloads, with the majority of users headquartered in South America. This region is a strong force in P2E games and traditional video gaming, with World of Warcraft and Runescape seeing a rise in popularity. 

Cashdash is a P2E dashboard that assists users in finding new games, enables them to monitor profits in real time, and compares their earnings to those of other players and games.

The platform includes a unique scoring tool that scores games based on various criteria and an asset management tool with connectivity for cryptocurrency wallets. According to NFT Tech, Cashdash has the ability to benefit any P2E gamer in the market significantly.

Moreover, the goal of Cashdash is to serve as the CoinMarketCap of the P2E room. One of the first stops for rookie cryptocurrency investors is CoinMarketCap, which Binance purchased for $400 million. 

In addition, the next 100 million users of blockchain technology, according to cryptocurrency experts, will be primarily utilizing video games and also NFT properties in the next five years.

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“We want Cashdash to be the one-stop shop for every player in the play to earn space,” said Wayne Lloyd, NFT Tech Executive Chairman. 

However, the initial round of P2E games is now being onboarded by Cashdash. These games agree to provide in-game resources for the new users Cashdash brings in and pay the firm an initial listing fee. These games receive a verified status on the site, and an analytic tracker in return, and Cashdash keeps attracting new users.

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