NFT Skateboarder Azuki Sells Out Record-Breaking Collection For $2.5 Million

The most expensive skateboard sales ever, both digitally and physically, were made by NFT issuer Azuki. The most recent Azuki collection consists of nine “Golden Skateboard” NFTs, all but one of which were sold at auction on Saturday for a total of $2.5 million.

In the Azuki Golden Skateboard NFT auction on Saturday, a collector by the name of dingaling.eth paid out 309 ether (ETH), or $404,000. The dragon symbol token, which is now the most costly in the set, was won after seven bids.They subscribed to the company’s most recent series together with seven other winners.

In addition, the firm claims that each skateboard is embellished with a special insignia that plays a significant part in Azuki mythology and grants owners a permanent place in the Azuki narrative.

With a price of 200 ETH ($270,000), the “frog emblem” Golden Skateboard NFT attracted the lowest bid. The six remaining NFTs sold for between 202 and 303 ETH.

The anime-inspired avatars of Azuki NFTs have helped them fast become a blue-chip company. According to the company’s tweet, the main goal is to build a “decentralized anime universe combining the physical & digital,”

Users Can Exchange NFTs For Genuine Azuki Skateboards

According to NFT Floor Price, the least expensive of Azuki’s initial 10,000 works of generative art is currently 11.49 ETH ($15,300), with a market value of 114,900 ETH ($153 million), which is roughly 85% less than the most expensive NFT collection, Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Digital 24-karat gold-plated skateboards can be exchanged for real ones using the company’s golden skateboards, however doing so requires burning the NFT.

Since the new edition is more exclusive, the physical skateboard component translated into a significantly higher floor price for the skateboard NFTs but a lower market capitalization than the original collection.

Moreover, the NFTs comply with the PBT standard, which connects the ownership of physical assets to their digital representations on Ethereum. Unlike a tangible offering, which often separates the physical and digital goods after minting, this one doesn’t.

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A PBT-based BEAN chip, a cryptographic chip that links the tangible object to its digital token in this instance, has been incorporated into each skateboard by the company. Owners of the physical asset can now access digital benefits and experiences due to this.

Furthermore,the firm’s website will add a dragon symbol to each collector’s profile as well as a dragon banner display as some of the advantages. The company said, auction winners can pick up their actual golden skateboards, In November.

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