NFT Investors Find Hope With Unsellable, But Skepticism Persists

With the services of Unsellable, several NFT investors have discovered a new way to recover their losses on useless digital assets. The site has divided the cryptocurrency industry, which has remained dubious about its operations.

Unsellable purchases NFTs that no one else will purchase, so the former owner may utilize them to harvest tax losses. The website refers to its offerings as a Web3 garbage elimination tool and Instant Liquidity platform.

Unsellable Contains More Than 15000 NFTs

Since its introduction, the platform has had substantial activity as several NFT investors are unloading their now-worthless digital treasures. When this article was written, Etherscan statistics indicated more than 15,000 digital items in its collection.

4.6k NFTs are currently part of Unsellable’s collection on OpenSea. With the last sale price of 7 ETH in August 2021, Token 75 from Kleeee02 NFTs is the most valued. The owner would have paid more than $21,000 for the NFT, given that the price of ETH was over $3000 at the time. On OpenSea, 0.0043 WETH ($5.15) is currently the highest bid for the asset.

Only the Ethereum blockchain is supported by Unsellable, which allows users to sell up to 1000 NFTs at once. Bulk purchases, which cost less than $95, including petrol expenses, typically cost less than $4 for each transaction. The marketplace has seen users sell NFTs such as Derpy Birds, WanderVerse, and GoopGirls.

The Law’s Position

NFTs have lately been categorized by the US Internal  (IRS) as digital assets subject to capital gains tax. Investors who fall under this category must inform the authorities of any digital help they sell to make money.

Under US tax rules, investors may also use other capital gains to offset a capital loss. Fash posted the following on Twitter on December 31:

The more tax losses you write, the less you’ll owe from capital gains. This method allows you to pay less in taxes than you would have with just showing mostly gains.

Bitcoin Community Response

Members of the crypto world have condemned the project. According to Senior Director of Robinhood Jeffrey Lyon,

totally illogical. If you want to liquidate a NFT, you accept the highest available collection offer and get some money (ok, WETH).

Others in the neighborhood questioned if this was legitimate, while still others referred to it as tax evasion.

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