Metalpha & Litecoin Foundation Partner For Mining Solutions

Metalpha Technology and the Litecoin Foundation will work together to create sustainable mining solutions for Litecoin. Their collaboration will involve researching and developing financial derivative products, promoting renewable energy, and reducing carbon emissions in mining.

The main objective of the collaboration is to develop financial derivative products for LTC tokens. Additionally, the partnership aims to provide hedging products to crypto miners against market risk and reduce the environmental impact of mining. This partnership will enable miners to continue their operations and generate income despite market fluctuations.

As part of the collaboration, the partners will work with universities and research institutions to promote sustainable blockchain innovation. They will also aim to enhance public education about the Litecoin network, and improve network awareness, adoption, and scalability.

Rubric Adds Litecoin To Its Platform

Rubric, a cross-chain technology aggregator, has added Litecoin to its platform. The integration is part of Rubric’s collaboration with, which will allow the platform to support over 100 available networks. This news is part of a larger announcement.

The integration of Bitcoin, Ripple, Dfinity, and other cryptocurrencies will allow Rubric to support a wider range of blockchain technologies. Additionally, the partnership will add native tokens for upcoming blockchains such as BTC, LTC, NEAR, DOGE, ADA, XRP, LUNA, DOT, ALGO, and XTZ.

According to Rubic, cross-chain swaps will only be possible to the newly integrated blockchains from any of the previously integrated 26 blockchains this week. However, by the beginning of March, cross-chain swaps will be supported in both directions.

This announcement is exciting news for the crypto community, as it highlights the growing importance of cross-chain technology. With the addition of Litecoin and several other major cryptocurrencies to the Rubic platform, users will now have more options to choose from when it comes to trading and swapping cryptocurrencies.

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The partnership between Metalpha Technology and Litecoin Foundation and Rubic’s integration with and the addition of Litecoin to its platform represent significant steps forward for the cryptocurrency ecosystem. These developments demonstrate an increasing focus on sustainable blockchain innovation and a growing demand for cross-chain technology aggregation.

The developments aim to create sustainable mining solutions and improve network awareness and adoption. This supports a more responsible and sustainable approach to cryptocurrency mining, addressing environmental concerns and promoting long-term growth.

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