Kraken Exchange

Kraken is a famous United States-based cryptocurrency exchange established by Jess Powell in 2011. The business portfolio of Kraken consists of more than 100 digital assets and seven fiat currencies, including USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, JPY, AUD, and CHF.

The exchange is globally recognized and has clients all over the world. It currently has more than 9.00 million customers from over 190 countries, with a quarterly trading volume of $207 billion.  

Moreover, the exchange recognized itself as the first cryptocurrency exchange to obtain a state-chartered banking license and provide spot trading services with margin-regulated derivatives and index facilities. In addition, millions of investors, officials, and institutions rely on Kraken and use its specialists’ twenty-four-hour services. It is funded by entrepreneurs, including Tribe Capital, Hummingbird Ventures, Blockchain Capital, and Digital Currency Group. 

Kraken Mission Statement:  

“Our mission is to accelerate cryptocurrency adoption so that you and the rest of the world can achieve financial freedom and inclusion.”  


Jesse Powell co-founded the cryptocurrency exchange in 2011 and launched Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Euro trades in September 2013. It received a $5 million Series A investment from Hummingbird Ventures and Bitcoin Opportunity Fund. It achieved the milestone of its listing on Bloomberg Terminal as one of the first bitcoin exchanges in April 2014, and it opened a dark pool for bitcoins in June 2015. 

In February 2016, the exchange declared the completion of a Series B round of investment led by the SBI group. It acquired Dutch exchange, clever coin, and Service. The exchange received a charting, and trading platform, Cryptowatch. It recorded the registration of 50,000 users per day in December 2017. It obtained $13.5 million from 2,263 individual vehicles. 

Additionally, Kraken became the first cryptocurrency exchange to receive an SPDI charter in the US when Wyoming gave it an extraordinary purpose depository institution (SPDI) license in September 2020. 

It released a mobile app in January 2021 for customers outside of the US; it was made accessible there in June 2021. Furthermore, the crypto exchange disclosed its aims to establish an NFT market in January 2022. Powell was succeeded as Kraken’s board of directors chairman on September 21, 2022, by Dave Ripley, the company’s chief operating officer.


Instant Lightening Network BTC Transactions:

The Lightning Network for Bitcoin is now available to all of Kraken’s clients, and the company is excited to announce it. Finally, traders have a quick and affordable method for transferring bitcoin to and from the site.

pStake (STAKE) Trading:

The subject crypto exchange now works with a stake! Money and Trading By going to Funding, choosing PSTAKE, and clicking Deposit, you may contribute PSTAKE to your exchange account.

Kraken App Adds Apple Pay And Google Pay Integration:

The Kraken App accepts Apple Pay and Google Pay. It is dedicated to continuously providing customers with quicker, simpler, and more practical options to purchase cryptocurrency.

SOL And SRM Trading:

Serum (SRM) and Solana (SOL) are listed on the exchange, and Solana (SOL) has staking support with up to 6.5% in annual payouts.

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