Institutional Investors Remain Bullish On Buying Bitcoin: Matrixport Report

Matrixport report suggests institutional investors’ persistence in cryptocurrency with 85% of Bitcoin purchases from American institutions.

Markus Thielen, chief strategist at Matrixport, suggests institutional persistence in cryptocurrency.This may indicate the start of a new bull market. Indications are that institutions are not giving up on cryptocurrencies.

The paper provides insights on how to gauge a digital asset’s appeal among retail or institutional investors. According to the research, which group of investors is displaying greater interest may be ascertained by examining asset performance during particular trading hours, such as those in the U.S. or Asia.

U.S. Institutions Drive Bitcoin Performance

According to the analysis, growth during Asian trading hours signifies a preference among Asian individual investors, but good performance during U.S. trading hours shows that U.S. institutions are probably acquiring it.

Additionally, the paper points out that Bitcoin has increased by 40% this year, with 35% of those returns occurring during U.S. trading hours, showing that U.S. institutions are now responsible for the majority of the buying demand.

Institutions leading the way in Bitcoin investment may drive performance of first-layer blockchain coins, according to Matrixport report.

Crypto prices rise as favorable news of projects like Lido DAO and Aptos. The article highlights that the news as the cause of the current price increase. The rally was cemented by the release of U.S. inflation figures. Current crypto prices are a result of both news and U.S. inflation figures.

The paper also points out that whereas Aptos has excellent returns throughout both U.S. and Asian trading hours, Ethereum exhibits strong performance during U.S. trading hours, possibly as a result of institutional investors. Overall, the analysis implies that this trend is favourable for institutions continuing to use Bitcoin. 

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However, the price research indicates that Bitcoin (BTC) is currently trading at $22,980.98 according to statistics from CoinMarketcap. The weekly chart shows a gain of 1.02% and the daily chart a gain of 9.74% respectively.

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