HyperPlay Launches Web3-Native Game Aggregator with Crypto Wallet Integration

HyperPlay, a Web3-native game aggregator with a built-in crypto wallet, has announced its early access launch. MetaMask, a popular crypto wallet provider, collaborated to build the platform. This integration enables gamers to quickly and securely access their crypto-currency assets quickly and seamlessly make in-game purchases. As blockchain technology continues to gain traction, the gaming industry is expected to make it more commonplace.

Furthermore, by removing commissions, the platform aims to make it more attractive to developers looking for alternatives to traditional app stores. The platform’s integration with MetaMask wallets provides an added convenience for users who want to manage their digital assets seamlessly.

HyperPlay has launched its platform with 21 Web3 titles, including The Sandbox, Another World, Bionic Owl, DeFi Kingdoms, and Moonblasters. Additionally, it allows players to launch the games they own from the Epic Games and GOG stores by connecting to them.

HyperPlay & Competitive Market Between Game Stores

According to Jacob.eth, Web3 game developers need a new platform because they face de-platforming and high fees from established app stores. The new platform aims to create a more competitive market and provide a better alternative for developers looking to monetize their games without the burden of high fees.

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By providing a seamless experience for in-game transactions, the platform aims to enhance the overall gaming experience. The universal wallet feature eliminates the need for players to navigate away from the game, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay. JacobC.eth emphasized that HyperPlay is in alpha.

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