Hackers Create Fake Pokemon NFT Game To Gain Remote Access To PCs

A security report has revealed that hackers have created a fraudulent version of a Pokemon NFT card game that allows them to remotely access users’ PCs through a remote access tool.

Hackers have reportedly targeted fans of the popular Japanese media franchise Pokemon by launching a fraudulent NFT card game. The phishing page was detected by the South Korean cybersecurity company Ahnlab and its emergency response unit ASEC.

The hackers attempted to sell the cards as NFTs, according to a report from ASEC. In order to access the cards, users had to install a remote access tool called NetSupport Manager. This software allowed the hackers to gain access to the PCs that installed it.

The website used malware that is commonly used by hackers to exploit users’ computers. This type of malware is often distributed through phishing and spam emails. In this case, the ASEC team identified that the malicious NetSupport tool was being distributed through a website branded with Pokemon’s well-known characters, including Pikachu.

The website was designed and branded in a way that was convincing enough to lure in NFT enthusiasts and Pokemon fans. Hackers use remote access tools like TeamViewer and Anydesk to obtain personal information from unsuspecting users, including credit card and bank account details.

Pokemon is taking steps to protect its brand. In December, the company filed a lawsuit against the developers of the Kotiota game PokeWorld for illegal trademark infringement.

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Pokemon claims that Kotiota Studios advertised their play-to-earn game using Pokemon characters such as Pikachu without any affiliation with the company. They also state that they had no connection to the game developers.

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