Fed Reserve Opens Door For State Banks To Offer Crypto Safekeeping

Today, the Federal Reserve declared that it will not obstruct state-chartered banks from providing safeguarding services for crypto holdings. This historic choice comes as more and more financial institutions look at methods to participate in the cryptocurrency market.

According to a statement from the Federal Reserve, state-chartered banks are free to offer safekeeping services for bitcoin holdings. More financial institutions have prompted this significant decision as they consider entering the bitcoin sector

However, new guidelines established by the Federal Reserve Board ensure that all banks under its supervision, regardless of whether they offer deposit protection or not, would be treated equally. Additionally, this policy applies the same restrictions on activities related to crypto assets to insured and uninsured banks supervised by the FRB.

Equal Crypto Restrictions for All Banks – Fed Policy

The Federal Reserve Board has released a new policy statement. According to the statement, all banks under the Fed’s supervision will face the same restrictions as national banks monitored by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. This applies to both insured and uninsured banks.

In addition, the Federal Reserve Board aims to maintain fairness and eliminate regulatory loopholes through its new policy statement. The statement requires banks to abide by all applicable laws and operate in a secure and responsible manner. Ensuring a level playing field for all banks is the top priority.

Multiple banks have approached the Federal Reserve Board to participate in new activities, including those involving crypto-assets. Furthermore, the Board has responded by clarifying its evaluation approach in line with established procedures. This has been done to ensure that the bank’s requests are handled in an appropriate manner.

Moreover, state member banks and potential applicants are allowed to offer safekeeping services while adhering to anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing regulations. The Federal Reserve Board approaches crypto-assets cautiously, acknowledging their benefits and risks. Additionally, they seek to promote growth in the crypto-asset market in a safe and sound manner.

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The Federal Reserve Board’s policy statement promotes fairness among banks and safeguards the growth of the crypto-asset market. It aims to ensure that all banks operate in a secure and responsible manner.

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