Ex-boyfriend Of Cryptoqueen Headed To Jail For Five Years

Gilbert Armenta, the boyfriend of the “Cryptoqueen” Ruja Ignatova, has been sentenced to jail for five years. He participated in the OneCoin cryptocurrency project, which was a scam .`The FBI is searching for Ruja Ignatova, who created the Ponzi scheme and has been missing since 2017. Some people suspect that someone killed her.

 According to the  Bloomberg Law coverage, Gilbert Armenta was sentenced to 5 years for laundering $300 million for the OneCoin scam Ruja Ignatova.  He made the OneCoin scam and is now on the FBI’s most-wanted list. Investors lost more than $4 billion to the fraud.

At first, they could have sentenced Armenta to seven years in prison. However, he admitted to money laundering, extortion, and wire fraud in 2018, reducing his sentence. Matthew Lee from Inner City Press said Armenta spent $300 million.

Armenta broke his agreement by selling a plane. Additionally, bribing Mexican authorities with stolen OneCoin investor money. His lawyer said his client’s issues began with his romantic relationship with the Cryptoqueen. Ignatova hired people to watch him and drilled into his apartment.

 Armenta bought a Georgia bank, where Ignatova was already a customer. The defendant wants to go to FCI Miami Federal Prison, but the judges haven’t decided yet. OneCoin was a pyramid scheme that tricked people into investing $4 billion. Investors were given tokens to trade internally, but the amount they could sell was limited.

FBI offers $100k for information on “Cryptoqueen” Ignatova’s location.

OneCoin scammed $4 billion through a pyramid scheme, luring investors to buy packages and tokens for trading. People suspect that Ignatova, the founder, stole a significant amount of the funds and hid them on a luxury yacht.

Frank Schneider – the former leader of the Luxembourg intelligence, believes Ignatova might have been killed:

“I believe she was murdered, and while I hope not, there is nothing to prove otherwise.”

The FBI is looking for the “Cryptoqueen” and put her on their “Top Ten Most Wanted” list. They offer $100,000 to anyone who can give them information about her location. Ignatova’s London apartment was for sale amid rumors of her being alive, and someone accused her lawyer in Germany of illegally buying it for over $21 million.

The asking price dropped to $13 million, but it’s no longer available. The agent said they followed the rules but didn’t confirm a sale.
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