Ethereum Devs Set To launch Shanghai Update On Sepolia Testnet

Ethereum developers have chosen to roll out the Shanghai update on the Sepolia test network later this month despite running across a specific problem with the Geth EL client in the most recent Shanghai version.

Tim Beiko of the Ethereum Foundation led the All Core Developers Execution (ACDE) call #155 on Feb 16 and discovered the flaw. The vulnerability was found while testing on the Zhejiang test network, affecting the Geth EL client.

Ethereum Developers Continuously Improving Protocol Despite Challenges

Geth team’s update prevents node download and initialization of blocks without transactions or withdrawals. This remedy is distinct and unparalleled in addressing a specific problem.

During the ACDE call, both the Nethermind and Erigon (EL) client teams expressed their commitment to ensuring the safety of their latest releases by independently reviewing the code that handles empty blocks. Furthermore, the developers agreed to eliminate zero blob transactions from the mempool and Ethereum protocol to prevent potential vulnerability.

The developers brought up the handling of transactions formatted as blobs without any data during the discussion. EIP 4844 for the Cancun upgrade prohibits zero blob transactions after deliberation and a final decision.

Shanghai update to launch on Sepolia test network Feb 28, despite issues, as per engineers. Client teams confirm Shanghai releases by next week; all set to deliver fresh cuts.

However, engineers will start testing the MEV-Boost software’s circuit breaker function in the upcoming weeks. The Ethereum Nimbus (CL) client team is also working on converting Ethereum EL block headers to an SSZ format, and they are presently considering two primary strategies.

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Ethereum protocol improves continuously, despite bugs and issues, through the hard work of its developers. Their dedication to progress is unwavering, as evidenced by their commitment to releasing the Shanghai and Cancun upgrades. These updates are crucial to ensuring Ethereum’s continued success.

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