El Salvador Leads The Way In Bitcoin Adoption With Student Education Initiatives

Through student education, El Salvador is advancing efforts to encourage the widespread adoption of Bitcoin. The nation’s portfolio, however, has declined by 60%.

El Salvador focuses on the widespread acceptance of Bitcoin even during the worst crypto winters. In a video, pupils in a classroom are shown learning about Bitcoin.

When students grow up and begin to contribute to society as adults, their early exposure to bitcoin could influence the technology’s widespread adoption and use cases.

Bitcoin And Literacy Skills

The well Twitter video shows El Salvadorian instructors teaching their students about Bitcoin as part of a ten-week curriculum. Students watch a hands-on demonstration from the teachers that demonstrates how to receive Bitcoin via the Lightning network. Additionally, students receive education on various subjects, including double-spending, nodes, and Bitcoin halvings.

The idea is that this be replicated in other schools around the world.

says an educator

In El Salvador, an initiative called My First Bitcoin sought to teach over 10,000 schoolchildren about bitcoin by 2022. By 2023, it hopes to reach 25 times as many people and educate 250,000 students.

El Salvador Is Promoting Wider Use Of Bitcoin

Following its legalization as money last year, the nation has contributed to its widespread acceptance. The creation of a nation without income or property taxes was a goal, according to President Nayib Bukele’s declaration in November of last year.

Last month, the President established a unique Bitcoin Office to oversee all initiatives using cryptos. The platform will facilitate meetings between individuals and the President to discuss implementing Bitcoin and blockchain technology in the country.

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A website that monitors El Salvador’s portfolio states that the nation has been purchasing one Bitcoin every day since November 18 and has over 2,458. The Central American country’s Bitcoin assets are down 61.82%, having lost over $67 million in unrealized gains.

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