Devcon 7 Goes Southeast: Ethereum Foundation’s 2024 Conference

According to the Ethereum Foundation, they will hold the Devcon 7 conference for Ethereum developers in Southeast Asia in 2024. This aims to increase the local Ethereum community’s influence while giving it enough time to develop, mature, and become distinctive and extraordinary.

In addition, the occasion will unite the community, connect with external communities, and warmly welcome newcomers in the Ethereum ecosystem. The Ethereum community in Southeast Asia is expanding and presents untapped potential.

Four nations within the area are among the top 20 in the Global Crypto Adoption Index, with Vietnam and the Philippines claiming the top two spots. The Devcon 7 event in Southeast Asia will serve as a stage for this vibrant, sizable, distinct, and energetic community to present their achievements on the global Ethereum scene.

In addition, the speaker conveyed that they chose to schedule the event for 2024 to provide additional time for enhancements and advancements in projects and protocol. This will allow the speakers to share their insights in a genuinely exceptional manner. Furthermore, this extension will enable the organizers to meticulously plan and execute the event to ensure it is distinguished and unparalleled.

The distinctiveness and novelty of the event will build up incredible excitement and render it more inclusive for individuals who wish to take part but cannot attend Devcon annually.

The Foundation Fosters Diversity & Inclusivity In The Ethereum Ecosystem

The Ethereum ecosystem is witnessing many events and communities worldwide, with the Foundation actively fostering diversity and inclusivity. The Foundation promotes Ethereum community growth by creating space for local communities to thrive and offer unique perspectives.

After evaluating Southeast Asian options, we must choose based on factors like venue availability. Southeast Asian communities can submit projects to the Foundation through Mar 15, 2023.

The region offers diverse event locations, such as Bangkok’s crowded streets, Bali’s stunning beaches, and Vietnam’s breathtaking mountains. However, other options include Kuala Lumpur and Phuket, which provide an intriguing backdrop for gatherings.

Although cryptocurrency is used throughout Southeast Asia, the Ethereum community mainly comprises westerners. Devcon in Southeast Asia aligns with the ETH Foundation’s mission to expand participation and engage local groups.

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Join the Foundation, and submit DIPs to develop Devcon. Welcome, all, to contribute to the journey of Devcon’s improvement. They promote participation in other community-led events and sponsorships to enhance the builder ecosystem of local communities.

Devcon 7 in Southeast Asia in 2024 will impact attendees and the ETH community; a significant influence is anticipated.

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