CoreChain Technologies And BillGO Team Up To Improve B2B Payments

CoreChain Technologies, a Blockchain-based digital B2B payments network, has partnered up with BillGO, a bill payment platform, to improve payment delivery and handle supplier onboarding, according to the press release published on October 24th by Businesswire.

According to the press release, BillGO’s integration of CoreChain’s virtual card payments program will enable any business to provide enterprise customers with an encrypted, secure payment option. 

Additionally, by eliminating paper processes, lowering fraud risk and internal operating expenses, and enabling fast reconciliation of payments, CoreChain’s virtual card option, based on corporate blockchain, improves consumer experience while enabling new payment efficiencies for suppliers.

CoreChain is streamlining business processes and assisting businesses in increasing revenues through automation and blockchain-based security by moving them away from antiquated traditional “paper check” based solutions.

Co-Founder and CEO of CoreChain Technologies, Chris Aguas said:

The COVID-19 pandemic has awakened many industries to the efficiency and convenience of a virtual card program and ushered in greater demand for heightened security

CoreChain’s Virtual Card Payments Program

Chris asserts that The integration of a virtual card solution based on distributed ledger technology and blockchain security, such as CoreChain, has given the virtual card programs used by BillGO next-generation transparency and fraud protection. In addition, he says,

CoreChain is the value-add that the virtual card market is demanding most.

The press release also claimed that with complete visibility for all sides, CoreChain’s distributed ledger technology creates a tamper-proof record of every buyer-supplier transaction as well as an immutable source of truth.

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Moreover, the payment solution provided by CoreChain also makes it possible to finance accounts receivable that are held in unpaid bills that are routinely 30 to 120 days behind schedule for settlement. It makes it possible for small businesses to get the money they want without having to rely on a conventional bank loan by working with their clients.

President, and General Manager of BillGO’s Biller Solutions, Cindy O’Neill, also commented on the partnership and said:

Together with CoreChain we can better support and enable suppliers to automate their manual payment processes, unlock valuable time, working capital and choice. It’s a technology that will certainly help drive the adoption of virtual card payments in industries that may have previously resisted these types of programs.

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