ConsenSys Acquires Hal to Disrupt Notifications at the Protocol Level in Web3

ConsenSys, a blockchain tech service provider, acquired Hal, a no-code blockchain development platform. This integration will enable Infura to offer a more comprehensive suite of tools for app-building on decentralized platforms. Additionally, this move will help developers create alerts and notifications at the protocol level for various signals.

According to Infura, a suite of tools connecting apps to the Ethereum network will leverage Hal’s tech to fill gaps in app-building. “Enabling seamless end-to-end experience is a key goal. One important trend is low code/no code solutions,” said Infura co-founder Eleazar Galano.

Additionally, at the Building Blocks, 23 event in Tel Aviv, ConsenSys CEO Joe Lubin expressed bullishness on Ethereum. Despite laying off 11% of the workforce, ConsenSys retained almost all capabilities, according to CEO Joe Lubin. Furthermore, Lubin also expressed concerns about raising cash in the crypto ecosystem, saying VCs are not kind or generous.

ConsenSys acquired MyCrypto in Feb 2022 to improve Metamask’s security and user experience. The Hal acquisition will enable a dynamic, personalized notification system, building upon a year-old initiative for MetaMask.

ConsenSys Continues to Strengthen Its Product Suite

The acquisition of Hal follows ConsenSys’ acquisition of MyCrypto and highlights its commitment to strengthening its product suite. The addition of Hal will benefit developers who want to create Web3 apps. It will provide them with a seamless end-to-end experience and enable them to create alerts and notifications at the protocol level for various signals.

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Furthermore, ConsenSys is optimistic about Ethereum’s future and believes recent acquisitions will enhance MetaMask’s security. Moreover, they aim to stay at the forefront by providing innovative solutions to meet developers’ and users’ needs as the industry evolves.

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