Blockchain Everstake Progresses Despite Ukraine-Russia Conflict

Since Feb 2022, Ukraine has grappled with the ongoing conflict with Russian military forces. Amid the row, Everstake, a staking provider, has faced its own set of challenges. Despite the constant threat of shelling and employees having to take shelter, CEO Sergey Vasylchuk states that the company has continued to progress.

In an interview, Vasylchuk explained that he had been preparing for potential risks to the company and its employees before the conflict. However, even with those measures in place, there were still months when employees in Ukraine could not work. With roughly 100 workers and their families relying on Everstake for their livelihood, Vasylchuk felt responsible for keeping the company moving forward.

According to Vasylchuk, Everstake has become much more robust in adversity. The company helped launch the crypto donation platform Aid for Ukraine in partnership with Ukrainian government officials, Kuna, and crypto exchange FTX. The platform has received over $60 million in crypto and fiat contributions, which have gone towards initiatives such as military equipment, medical gear, and humanitarian projects.

However, Everstake employees have dealt with physical dangers, online rumors, and conspiracy theories. Some have suggested that the company’s platform was used for politically motivated money laundering. In contrast, others claimed that Aid for Ukraine’s funds had been funneled to the United States Democratic Party. Vasylchuk believes that Russia’s propaganda machine may have promulgated these rumors.

Despite these challenges, Everstake has continued to push forward. The company has made significant progress in the past year, demonstrating its resilience in conflict.

Employees Working From Emergency Shelters

Many of Everstake’s employees have been working from emergency shelters at various points over the past year. These shelters have provided them with a safe workplace space, even amidst the threat of shelling and loss of power. However, the constant noise from nearby explosions has made it challenging for employees to concentrate and work effectively.

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Despite these obstacles, Everstake has continued to prioritize its employees’ well-being. The company has provided them the resources to work remotely and stay connected with their colleagues. Vasylchuk states that Everstake has become more than just a company but a family that supports each other through difficult times.

As the conflict in Ukraine continues, Everstake remains committed to supporting its employees and advancing its mission. Through partnerships, donations, and the resilience of its team, the company has shown that it can weather any storm.

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