Ben Zhou

Ben Zhou is a co-founder and the CEO of ByBit, a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange in Singapore. Before moving to China, Ben Zhou studied at the University of the United States. He spent part of his early teenage years in New Zealand. For seven years, he oversaw Greater China as the general manager of the forex broker XM.

In 2016, Mr. Ben Zhou developed an interest in cryptocurrencies and began looking for potential results in the cryptocurrency trading industry. He began to see the potential of cryptocurrencies in 2017 when there was a significant increase in the number of people holding them and their value. Thus, Mr. Ben launched ByBit’s activities at the beginning of 2018.

Mr. Ben began teaching others about cryptocurrencies using a YouTube channel, which he managed until he founded the ByBit exchange. After working at XM, Ben developed a passion for cryptocurrencies and founded ByBit. The main objectives of ByBit include resolving issues faced by cryptocurrency investors, such as inadequate customer assistance, overloads, and inefficiencies in cryptocurrency trading.

“We listen, we care, and we improve” became the guiding principle of ByBit. The goal was to offer the most significant trading environment and set new standards for cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges. One match takes 10 microseconds because the exchange can handle 100,000 transactions per second. ByBit never experiences server outages and provides live chat support round-the-clock.

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