Aptos Airdrop Season Is Coming: A Guide to Getting Free Crypto Coins

In the world of blockchain, new networks often launch with Airdrops. Airdrop provides opportunities for users to earn free cash from checking out new apps.

Airdrops are a creative way for new projects to grab people’s attention and distribute their native tokens at the start. Airdrop seasons are periods of time when all the new projects that have successfully built applications on a network’s testnet prepare to make their application live on the blockchain via mainnet.

Hunting For Aptos Airdrops

Aptos is a Layer 1 blockchain that relies on Proof of Stake to verify transactions while utilizing its innovative Smart Contract Language Move.

Aptos Labs created Aptos, a blockchain startup led by two former Meta employees, Mo Shaikh and Avery Ching. Many consider this the technology successor to Meta’s infamous Diem project, one of the main reasons it attracted so much early attention.

On October 19th, Aptos went live with an airdrop of 150 APT tokens (worth about $1,237 at the time) for those who helped test it out on Testnet. Since then, hundreds of new projects have launched themselves onto Aptos or announced their launch plans- all promising some form of a reward for their supporters.

Aptos News provides a comprehensive list of all upcoming and live apps on Aptos that you can search by filtering for those already launched on the mainnet.

How To Get Free Airdropped Tokens

To kickstart your journey in Aptos and make some quick cash, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide on how you can earn tokens from some of the upcoming airdrops.

1. Get An Aptos Wallet

The first thing you need to do is to download a crypto wallet that supports Aptos. You can use Martian or Pontem wallets, as they are compatible with many available Aptos applications.

If you’re minting Martian tokens, download the Chrome extension and create your wallet, go to this page, switch to the Devnet network on your dashboard, and purchase some APT tokens.

In order to qualify for the Pontem airdrop, download the Pontem Chrome extension, set up your wallet on our platform, and transfer some tokens to it.

2. Bridge USDC Using Aptos Bridge

LayerZero is a good option for bridging USDC, as there are rumors that LayerZero will launch its own token.

To transfer USDC to Aptos, go to the Aptos Bridge, first connect your MetaMask wallet to the Ethereum Network, and then connect your Pontem Wallet to the Aptos. Enter the amount of USD you want to transfer from Ethereum to Aptos, click Transfer, and wait a few moments before you have USDC in your Aptos wallet.

3. Trade On Liquid Swaps

In order to receive the Pontem airdrop, you’ll need to use the project’s decentralized exchange on Aptos. To do this, you’ll first need to acquire some APT tokens, which are required for paying transaction fees on Aptos.

To participate in the Pontem airdrop, you’ll need to trade on Aptos Liquidswap. Before doing so, you’ll need to purchase some APT tokens.

Currently, the easiest way to do this is by using centralized exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, or FTX and then withdrawing the APT tokens to your Pontem wallet on Aptos.

After acquiring some APT tokens, it’s possible to take part in the upcoming Pontem Airdrop by trading them on Liquidswap.

4. Buy Aptos Monkey Or Aptomingos NFTs

The team at Enchanter Finance has also announced an airdrop, which requires purchasing NFTs from either the Aptos Monkeys or Aptomingos collections and following the steps outlined in their airdrop guide. 

This airdrop campaign will commence shortly, so make sure to stay up-to-date with the project’s social media accounts for updates.

5. Trading On The Cetus Protocol

To ensure you are prepared for every eventuality, consider swapping some of your funds to the Cetus Protocol decentralized exchange, as it’s another rumored to release tokens in the near future. The process is the same as adding liquidity on Liquidswap and Enchanter Finance.

One of the other protocols worth considering is Aptos liquid-staking protocol, Tortuga. They’ve yet to announce an airdrop, but they plan to launch their own tokens for distribution among its users.

Final Thoughts

There is a possibility that some of the potential airdrop opportunities won’t happen because they have yet to be confirmed. Notably, the Aptos eco-system is early in development and prone and bugs that may hurt the apps built on this platform

It is clear that searching for Aptos airdrops while only spending small amounts will outweigh the inherent risk of using the new Layer 1 network and its smart contract-based protocols. As Aptos airdrop season approaches, we recommend you follow our guide and stay engaged.

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