Anime-Based NFT Project Azuki Hacked: Over $750,000 In USDC Stolen

On January 27th, the popular anime-based NFT project, Azuki, fell victim to a hack. Hackers could steal over $750,000 in USD Coin (USDC) by compromising the project’s Twitter account.

According to data from crypto wallet security firm Wallet Guard, the hackers could drain a single wallet of $751,321.80 USDC within half an hour of posting malicious links on Azuki’s Twitter account.

Hackers compromised various wallets containing 11 NFTs and more than 3.9 Ether, resulting in a total loss of $758,074.42.

NFT Project Azuki Hacked: Twitter Compromised

The Azuki community manager, Emily Rose, quickly tweeted about the hack and urged users not to follow any links from the project’s Twitter account. Product manager Dem explained on a Wallet Guard-hosted Twitter Space that scammers could post a wallet drainer link after gaining access to Azuki’s account. He advised users to be cautious and suspicious while the team worked to reclaim control of the report.

Co-founder of Wallet Guard, Ohm Shah, emphasized the importance of vigilance in the Web3 space. He urged users to treat all links and announcements as suspicious until proven otherwise. Liz Yang of Chiru Labs reported that the team actively investigates and communicates with Twitter.

Several hours later, Azuki announced that it had regained control of its Twitter account. The project emphasized the importance of verifying announcements across multiple platforms to its followers.

A similar hack occurred earlier in the week where hackers compromised the stock trading platform Robinhood’s Twitter account. Hackers could scam users into purchasing a token called RBH on the BNB Smart Chain for $0.0005 each.

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Users must remain cautious and vigilant in the Web3 space. Always verify announcements and links before engaging with them to protect against scams and hacks.

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