Alameda Wallets Behavior Raises Questions Following Sam Bankman-Fried Bailout

Only days after Sam Bankman-Fried paid $250 million in bail to buy his release from prison, the Alameda wallets are still in operation. Bit-by-bit money transfers are being made between several accounts that Etherscan has identified as belonging to Alameda Research wallets. Sam Bankman-Fried is purging Alameda Research’s crypto assets.

Withdrawals Via Alameda Wallets

Notably, Alameda Research has recently sent money to two newly formed wallets with the initials 0x7386 and 0x64e9. They initially got a transaction from it, and ever since then, these locations have been sending little amounts in chunks to other brand-new wallets.

The most recent transfer of 41.35 ETH from 0x64e9 to 0xa8f2 was withdrawn using ChangeNOW. The only action this new wallet takes is to use ChangeNOW to start money after receiving it from 0x64e9.

Numerous transactions are moving money to ChangeNOW and FixedFloat from multiple new wallets. Most of the time, hackers use these networks to remove money stealthily. ZachXBT, an on-chain detective, found that the money exchanges into BTC.

Who Is Selling Alameda Funds?

The community is aware that FTX exchange has declared bankruptcy, and this does not exclude the likelihood that liquidators may be emptying wallets in preparation for bankruptcy procedures. However, the vast majority of Twitter users disagree.

Alameda wallets are currently swapping shitcoins for BTC. They are using mixers FixedFloat and ChangeNow so seems unlikely to be liquidators.

Miles Deutscher, a YouTuber, says

The fact that the funds are going through a weird route with a weird distribution through a mixer kind of just goes to show that it is likely, at least 99 percent, in my opinion, it is not the liquidators, and it is, in fact, someone at Alameda.

In his opinion, Sam Bankman-Fried or another person acting on his behalf may be withdrawing money from the hedge firm. The community also associates the devaluation of Solana, Matic, Lido, and Aptos with the opening of Alameda wallets.

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A recent Reuters report states that Sam Bankman-Fried is likely to enter a plea the following week. On January 3, he will appear before US District Judge Lewis Kaplan in federal court in Manhattan. Alameda Research CEO Caroline Ellison and FTX co-founder Gary Wang entered guilty pleas last week.

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