Akula Abandoned By Developers: Unable To Compete With Reth

Akula, a client implementation for Ethereum, has been abandoned by its developers. They were unable to compete with a recently unveiled competing project that has comparable functionality and is managed by a reputable crypto venture capital firm.

Rust-based Akula is a high-performance Ethereum client. Ethereum clients are computer programs that provide nodes access to the network’s blocks and let them communicate with smart contracts.

With a small group of engineers, Ethereum core developer Artem Vorotnikov started constructing the project as an open-source client implementation in 2021.

As per Wednesday’s statement, this development work is complete. In addition, the project will no longer maintain or manage by the creators. But the code will remain accessible because it is open source.
The notice did not identify the project but mentioned the development of a project with stronger financing with similar node client.

Reth, a Rust-built Ethereum client run by the cryptocurrency venture capital company Paradigm, is assumes to be this rival project. Georgios Konstantopoulos, CTO at Paradigm, can be see in screenshots saves by Vorotnikov asking questions about Akula in great detail.

After a conversation, Akula’s creators learned that Paradigm was working on a separate project. They anticipated that the rival would shortly match and surpass it, so they decided to stop working on Akula in response.

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Additionally, they do not believe that Akula will be able to secure more money through grants. It is not cost-effective for them to invest their limited resources in it.

In the near future, Vorotnikov said he would take a break from working on Ethereum. Additionally, he had been making contributions to Erigon, the Go-based Ether client.

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