Adidas Launches Its First Wave Of NFT Wearable Collection

Adidas has launched a limited edition of blockchain-based virtual wearables as Non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The collection represented the sportswear company’s first line of Non-fungible wearables called Virtual Gear.

Adidas originals, in the tweet, explain the new NFT collection as

An eclectic mix of impossible silhouettes tying together past and future, virtual and physical, communities and creators, culture and identity.

These capsule collection owners can now access the 16-piece capsule collection released in May and airdropped to Into The Metaverse NFT holders who have claimed Phase 2. Wykes-Sneyd, the VP of Adidas Studios, said:

With our community and creator ecosystem at the core, adidas will explore every viable utility, platform, and experience within Web3 to unlock new possibilities for our wearables, with a focus on tangible value and immutable utility for our community members.

How To Win A Free Virtual Gear

Every owner of the 24,280-piece Adidas Originals Capsule NFT Collection will receive a complimentary Virtual Gear product from their latest release. They will know which one once they choose to burn their Capsule NFT. This would mean replacing it with an item from the Virtual Gear line of digital wearables.

Opensea will now sell items from the Virtual Gear collection for those who still need to own Capsule NFT. 

As a brand, Adidas has always been about exploring the edges of creativity and pushing the boundaries to find what’s beyond.

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Senior VP of Creative Direction for Adidas Originals, Nic Galway, said:

But Web3 offers our designers and collaborators a new outlet to imagine, and reimagine, how our brand can be represented in augmented and virtual worlds.

Next week, Adidas will release a PFP dressing tool that will allow users to dress up their customized avatars with Virtual Gear, such as Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Apes Yacht Club.

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