A Slam Dunk In The Web3 Metaverse: Victor Solomon’s VesselVerse

Solomon delved into his journey of creating VesselVerse, a digital collection that celebrates basketball in Web3 and the metaverse, in a recent interview with NFT Steez hosts Alyssa Expósito and Ray Salmond.

Basketball has always been a significant inspiration for Victor Solomon, an artist who bridges his in-real-life artwork with NFTs.

Solomon’s interest in basketball stemmed from his early childhood desire to play hockey, which was not accessible to him at the time. He found basketball to be more accommodating and an “inspirational platform” due to its lack of barriers to entry.

He said that the open nature of basketball is a perfect parallel for everything that’s happening in Web3.
Solomon discussed the “invigorating” nature of creating things that cannot exist in real life, such as a “planet inside a hollow basketball” in Web3 space.

He also noted the process of taking physical elements and turning them into digital renderings and composites.

However, drawing inspiration from other successful NFT projects, such as Nouns, Solomon’s VesselVerse digital collection operates similarly to his real-life pieces. The collection includes one “vessel,” or basketball, auctioned off every hour.

Solomon emphasized the importance of community in the success of a Web3 project or ecosystem. The founder expressed his enthusiasm for working closely with a rapidly expanding community.

Basketball & Web3 In Victor Solomon’s Digital Collection

He highlights the benefits of having a diverse group of collectors. This fosters an environment of open discussion and allows for constant evaluation of the project’s direction.

He appreciates the decentralized nature of the building and engaging with communities in Web3. He emphasizes the importance of giving everyone a voice.

Solomon acknowledges that the biggest challenge he currently faces is re-educating a segment of the ecosystem that may have had negative experiences in the crypto and NFT market.

He believes that the promise of Web3 is much bigger than any particular negative experience. Nonetheless, he thinks it is worth enduring any adversity.

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In conclusion, Victor Solomon’s VesselVerse collection is a celebration of basketball in the metaverse. His experience in the traditional art world has given him insight and structure to create a successful digital collectibles project.

However, he believes that the collaborative nature and “community spirit” present in Web3 is energizing and present a “massive unlock” for creators and collectors alike.

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